You are more than your job

Aug 10, 2010 |
Which translates:  you are not defined and limited by your job responsibilities.

You are more than what you are chained to do with your job.  You or your personal brand is not a myth any more, your worth is all about what you have to offer. 

The elevator speech rules have changed, you don’t say anymore what your job position is with a xyz company- you say what you are and who you are (that is not your job description anymore).

Most people while working decide to start on their own business, some like Steve Pavlina talks about how one should never get a job  because it limits you. It’s very true, because jobs allow us to become complacent and not push ourselves anymore. By the time, we have been in jobs more than 5 years, we have changed, don’t have the fire in us what we had when we started and have come to an agreement with ourselves that we will let others (boss, organizations, future job titles, corner office) run us; than us running our own lives.

While job has its benefits, don’t let the job title be your only motivation factor, because there is more to you than you know. A job is the stability we have asked for perhaps, but its not the end all.

Don’t let your dream die just because your job says so. Infact having multiple skills might come in handy someday, so if you like to dance take classes and keep on doing it. Don’t give up because it doesn’t help your career in project management or you can’t do it professionally any more.

Happiness and inner peace is always an integral factor in life and in finding meaning to life and vocation. Choose to be happy, choose to do what you like to do along with your job description.

Look out for more, listen more, interact with interesting people, see how people are changing their lives everyday. 

Don’t be complacent, just because you are a newbie (or whatever your role is) today, doesn’t mean you will be one for the rest of your life. Start getting ready now for the next position you are aiming at. So, when you are ready, you will be more prepared to look around and get that position and tell people that it’s time.

The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets from it but what he becomes by it- Ruskin.

Unlike the picture here, I would think get the salary, job title and whatever comes with it but at the same time make sure you are still walking the path of your dream! If you are not, find a way to do it- be creative! Contact great minds or people whom you like to follow through twitter, see what they have to say, find similar groups or go to meet ups.

The winner of PM-Prepcast is Jeremiah Jessel (will contact you with details).
For the rest of you thank you for participating and better luck next time!

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Project Manager said...

true, really sometimes being dedicated to the job makes us slave to our task, instead of getting a job for reasons we believe would help us improve we often get jobs because its been our life, a very stressful idea pf getting a job.

Unknown said...

True. Job is not everything although is you are passionate about your job you would put as much of yourself in it as you can.