Random facts about me- Pt 3

Feb 7, 2011 | |
I have strange habits that I create for myself to repeat the pattern everyday, so it either makes me happy or the repetition puts me in a schedule that increases my efficiency.

•I always wake up to a cup of green tea or black coffee
•When I go through uncertainty about some decision I start meditating, it calms me down. It stays with me for months or weeks depending on my ongoing life and its schedule.
•I eat right when I am the busiest, for some reason schedules make me perform better in everything.
•I have a nightly routine that I hold on to- I read magazines and listen to music before I go to bed for at least half an hour. Magazines are mostly either “Fitness” or “Vogue”, something that inspires you but also relaxes the mind, nothing serious.
•I am more regular writing blog posts when I maintain my schedule of doing it every Sunday morning between 9-11am.
•I love food, try different cuisines and love to experiment with my taste bud and cooking skills. Chopping veggies de-stresses me and I usually cook after I come back home from work, takes away the stress! I love watching “Food Network”.
•I don’t watch a lot of Television but it’s usually on most of the time while I get around doing all other things. I love watching CSI, Greys Anatomy, Oprah, Bones, House and the likes.
•I read and I love reading. Last book I read is The Snowball (Warren Buffets Biography) by Alice Schroeder (finishes 2 days ago).
•I take risks, lots of them. I like change and new things in life- whether it’s a haircut or shuffling the interiors of my home.
•I am very emotional but rarely impulsive, I think five hundred times before making a decision.
•I love reading quotations; so much that I used to have 3 diaries dedicated to it since I was in college. I don’t write them down any more, but I still love them!
•If there’s a job alternative I would love to have is to travel and write. I love architecture and interiors as much as I love nature.
•I love to work. I like the interaction with people, observing people and putting my head down and getting something down.  I go cranky if I don’t work for too long.
•Things I absolutely must always have- internet and as Virginia Woolf said “a room of my own”.
•My friend circle is very small, close and connected and they inspire me everyday.
•Surprised by the fact that you can develop friendship with people over social media and without meeting them in person a lot.
•My ideal vacation would be by a sea side. Love beach and the casual ambience.

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