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Feb 21, 2011 | |
With virtual workers increasing everyday, it’s a no more a myth how you can be productive, free and still earn good money.

If Tim Ferris turned the concept into a complete rage, with technological advances its not considered weird anymore if you are constantly on the move with your gadgets.

So, are you the kind of project manager who wants to be a virtual nomad? Do you have the right personality  to fit into the virtual worker mode?

With teams being spread all over the world these days, we are so tuned to working different hours   and within different cultures that being virtual doesn’t seem very bad an idea.

“We’re also seeing a spike for project management – up 70% for this skill set. If I’m hiring a team of remote workers, I’d like to be in control, but have someone to manage the project. Lots of start-ups are hiring teams of developers all managed by a single resource” -Source

Here’s the toolset you might need if you decide to make the switch:
•Skype – for all communication
•A Blackberry/i-phone/windows phone to stay connected
•An external hard drive
•A virtual back up system
•Google docs for online file sharing

If you have always wanted the fun, flexibility, freedom, escape the cubicle and didn’t want to take the risk to start your own business, being a virtual nomad is as close as you can get with a steady salary slip.

Want to see a company that works completely virtually, click here.

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Marisela Fernandez said...

I agree this world is becoming virtual. I was doing some research the other day on Project Management jobs. Sure enough several companies provide lap tops and iphones for new employees. All this new technology allows everyone to do business from almost everywhere. I agree with your post, Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

With digitalization leading to world discrete units integration virtualization is no more virtual but businesses spread all over has being increasingly connected in the real world. A single resource managing lots of projects by hiring teams thus virtual resource has got a new door open to earn lot more.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read your thoughts on remotely managing project team. I agree with you, freedom of working remotely has benefits of its own, it proves really helpful to continue smooth operations even if you are away from work place. You need to provide special attention to communication, planning and real time reporting for better coordination among virtual team members. We use Microsoft project manager software i.e. Project Professional 2010 for this purpose; it has excellent collaboration and reporting features. Thanks for sharing different resources on virtual team.