The connection

Jobs, success, ambition, failure are all connected in some form or the other.

If you have noticed, I haven’t posted for a bit. In usual circumstances I leave a note with my return date. 

This happened suddenly, a block where I simply stopped writing. I would wake up everyday and think today will be the day and as the day went by I realised I didn’t want to write. Then a sudden emergency that took me away from I loved doing the most.

Of course, I have also been dabbling with a few ideas and it all seemed fun. It was rightful to get back to the blog, specially this month where I complete 4 years of blogging. Yay!

While reading for the last few weeks; I came across this that that most people as much as people hate failure, are also scared of success.

Who knew?

Well turns out there a lot of reasons why people fear success. It can come from their past experience

I think the main question here is to understand how you react to what:
  • What success means for you?
  • What do you relate with success?
  • Do those relations make you happy or fearful?
  •  If fearful, what are you thinking of?
  •  Is there a way you can get out of the mindset?
  • What do you really want from life?

It isn’t very difficult to understand what you are going through. Take some bold decisions based on what you think you should be doing and get along with it.

If you sort it out now, things will be much easier to sort out later in your career. By the way, did you know that Tuesday is the most productive day at work?

So, step up your game today and lotsa luck!

y the way, there's lots of interesting stuff coming up- the new e-book (Handbook for Stepping into Project Management) and what I am doing with my life now, my new public speaking life, a new study (pics coming soon), the "coffee break series" ready to make a comeback and what I have been thinking.

Stay tuned.

(Pic Courtesy: Google Images)