The Spark of Success- Do you feel it everyday?

Jul 2, 2012 |

Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired.” ~Robert Strauss via @MariSmith

Tiredness, burned out, not inspired, bored, routine job- this is something we all face in our job and careers.

I just read this article last week by Anne-Marie Slaughter and wow did it hit me strong. It’s going strong and there have been rebuttals from the NY Times as well.

So, make hay while the sun shines.

 How can you bring in your cent percent everyday to work?
What happens when you wake up one morning and can’t find the zing in you anymore? What happens when you realise you are not inspired today? So, who is responsible in bringing in the spark in our lives? The Employers, the Managers, the HR or is it Us?

To control your cow, give it a bigger pasture- This is a great quote from Zen Master Suzuki Roshi, talking about controlling your mind. I see the cow and her pasture as a form of allowing things to happen — instead of tightly controlling something; you’re opening up, giving it more room, a bigger pasture. The cow will be happier, will roam around, will do as she pleases, and yet your needs will also be met. The same is true of anything else — stepping back and allowing things to happen means things will take care of themselves, and your needs will also be met. And you’ve done no work (Taken from: Zenhabits)

Let it happen- It’s better to let yourself be; to do what you want to do than force to be something else.
Seriously, what’s the point of killing yourself?  Sometimes things just don’t materialize no matter what you do because you are not present in the “now”. You are just doing it out of habit.

A class I took long ago while in university- asked us what we would do if we had all the money we needed t take care of everyday stuff. That’s the real you. Ask yourself who are you? If you enjoyed doing things 5 years ago, not necessarily you will enjoy forcing yourself to gulp down the same stuff today.

It’s scary and difficult to give up what you are used to liking (like the salary or your peers or Friday nights after work drink). The freedom to choose many might argue is for the rich, the taken care of.....we have more excuses in us than we can think of. And we can pick up the purse and go shopping to spend half the salary of the next luxury couch or more clothes and gadgets.

If we have planned it well, we can take the few months and try out new things we have always wanted-to write the novel, travel the world, learn horse riding, start painting, work for a project manager and invest in yourself for once.

Forgive yourself- if you have always been on the go- it’s ok to make a wrong move, do what you like and stop working for 12 hours/day. It’s ok to socialize and be with your friends and not work in your next book for the next 2 hours.
It’s like fitness, if you have had that sinful piece of cake, just stop whining about it and get back to your routine form the next day.

Find the right partner- who will support you in your decisions; even Sheryl Sandbergmentions in one of her interviews  as the most important career choice is whom you will marry.

Learning to enjoy work- Some people are bored more than the others. So, here are 30 things to do to stop being bored.

Remember, not all days will be the same and it’s human to go through ups and downs. Just keep in touch with your friends and mentors while you are holding on tight during the rollercoaster ride!

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