Finishing 2019 Strong: Keeping up with Your Resolutions

Jul 1, 2019 | |
We have just crossed June and how time flies by. 

It seems almost yesterday I was writing my New Years Resolution and today its already been 6 months.

Hows your new years resolution going so far? I have been going through my list  and here are few ways to make sure you end 2019 strong.

5 ways to get it done:
  1. Break the goal into a small task- The one you can get done everyday and doesn’t take away a chunk of your life. That allows you to still keep it than abandoning the goal.
  2. Remember the why’s- Hey, every goal starts because we want something out of it. So yes, remember why you wanted in the first place. Was it a lifestyle change, getting off medication, feeling good about yourself or being financially secure. Write down the why and go through it everyday. This can be part of your affirmations, your vision board or a sticky note in your car. 
  3. Do it everyday- Turn it into a habit and reward yourself when done (when done for 15 days straight). The Cue, trigger and reward helps.  And do it for 66 days straight. 
  4. Don’t be over ambitious- Your goal should be something you can do with a little effort. A lofty goal can also mean you have something in mind that you dont have the skills to achieve yet. These are the tricky ones, because once you fail at it, you won’t go back to it. Setting up goals is a science and an art, just not words that trickle down in the paper. 

  1. Look at it everyday- yes, keep it in mind and give it its due time. Some do better sharing it with friends, some like it to keep it to themselves for the big reveal. Whatever is your style, figure it out and then keep doing it. Celebrate smaller goals and keep your eyes on the big one.

There’s still 6 more months to go, enough time to get things done. So, don’t give up yet but follow your heart and work hard. 

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