Automate and Schedule More

Everyone who is successful has their own schedule they follow, however they adapt it to their style to keep them comfortable and its true- it works every single time.

So, 2 weeks ago I had my appraisal and to celebrate it I ordered a few books. Very geeky, I know. I ordered 5 books.

Each book is something I want to know about the topic and the author and while I’m reading Tim Ferris’- Four hour Work Week , not the blog but the book I realized while he talks about minimizing work and being more productive at the same time he is telling you to automate as much as you can so you have more time. Well, Ramit Sethi tells you the same thing to manage your finances better and both of them are New York Times best selling author.

They have done it themselves. Peter Taylor whom I interviewed in my blog talks about being more productive and being smart about your work.

So, what is being smart? How can you be one?

Everyone has their own way I guess, however you should be able to automate your lifestyle as much as you can. This includes being disciplined and following a schedule. Like I tried to write blogs in real time and post it, however for the last couple of months I figured out if I can write during the weekends and time it to post during the week. This ensures that the postings happen on time and am not stressing myself that I don’t have anything written and don’t have the time to. So, every Sunday morning I write my blogs for the next week and time it.

Of course, I take the liberty to let it go at times if I am meeting friends for brunch or talking my sister over Skype. More I keep to my schedule, more I get done within the same time.

  • Have a schedule and you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done within a day.
  • Keep a diary, paper anything; I recently got a planner for myself. I write down my thoughts, ideas for blogs, something I have to read and to do list so I don’t forget and get it before time.
  • You will notice you will do more and be more active when you have things written down.
  • Repeat your schedule that you have set for yourself and it will become second skin to you. It can be anything- going to the gym, writing your blog, planning your book, calling 2 friends everyday. If you know what needs to be done and when you will start doing it.
  • Every day you think- how do these people get so much done within the same 24 hours, the funny thing is you can too! Get into the rhythm of your schedule and you will not only enjoy it but get more done. Your friends will be surprised how much you are doing at the same time.
  • You will stop giving excuses before you know. You suddenly realize how much can be scheduled and done because you have just minimized the planning and confusion phase.
  • You will enjoy your work more. You not only know what you are doing, your are planning it along the way. So, things just happen but its part of the path you want to follow. You are achieving more because when we sit down quietly and plan, we plan good things.
  • Achieve things you always wanted to. This year be strong and do something you wanted to do.


Unknown said...

This is a really great post and since I am feeling like I have too much on my plate lately I'm going to start thinking about ways I can automate more! Thank you!

xo Mary Jo