Sneak peek into the life of Project Manager's- Pt 2

This is Part 2 of the interview and if New Year Resolution is in style right now, that’s what I ask the Project Manager's- What’s your New Year resolution? Anything related to project management?

Alec Satin

Are there any other PM’s out there who love planning and goal setting so much that they do it all through the year? I actually couldn't wait for January 1 and revised my latest goals and objectives this past week. Don't want to give anything away - but let's just say that I can't wait to do some new things with my blog. In terms of project management, I'm excited to be part of the PMI New Media Council, and look forward to helping bring information both to and from Project Management International.

Here's to a successful, happy and healthy 2010 to you Soma, and all your readers.

Baas de Bar

In 2010 I will start active virtual mentoring and coaching.

Cornelius Fichtner

In the last 20 years I have had the same new year's resolution every single year. It is "I will not make any new year's resolutions.". I have a 20 year record of successfully completing this resolution.

Dina Garfinkel

New years resolution...I don't really make New Years Resolutions because a lot of the New Year thinking for me happens in the fall at the Jewish New Year. And even then I don't always remember to come up with specific goals, except the general one of trying to be a better person. This year I am definitely trying to work on improving my work/life/family balance... I need to make more quality time to spend with my kids before they get too old and tell me I'm not cool enough to hang out with them (they are ages 3 and 5 :)

Elizabeth Harrin

Finish the jumper I am knitting.

I say this every year, but be better at managing risks and issues. They should be active documents, not just a worksheet in a spreadsheet!

Flo Castro

I think my New Year's resolution will center around balance. I tend to schedule/accept too many meeting invitations in a day. This, in turn, leads to less time available to reflect on what was discussed and follow up on actions promised during each meeting. This is how project managers end up in the office late in the evening. Blocking time during the day so that you can reflect/plan/follow up is crucial to having time left for yourself at the end of each day.

Josh Nankivel

There was recently a #2010 hastag on twitter and my new year resolution is this: in 2010, I’ll strive to help more people than I did this year. I will be putting out more training material and lots of articles to help new and aspiring project managers reach their career goals.

Lindsay Scott

My own NY resolution related to project management is based around PMO (Programme Management Office), I’m a member of a voluntary group called PPSOSIG (Programme and Project Support Office Specialist Interest Group and we’ve been putting on conferences for the last 9 years in the UK. We’ve been holding two conferences a year and in 2010 I want to expand what we do so we can engage even more PMO professionals.

I’ve launched two local groups which concentrate on two major cities in the UK and I’m really excited about growing that in 2010. The events are going to be free, which is going to be great news for people and I’m looking forward to not only hosting the conferences but also project managing them (and hopefully making them a great success!)

Pawel Brodzinski

I don't do New Year resolutions. Actually every other date is as good as New Year to set the plan and start following it. My recent one is to engage local student community with a series of workshops focused on best engineering practices. This is something I missed when I was a student - there wasn't enough focus put on teaching methods which help to build high-quality software on time. It ends up people not learning how software is developed in real life until they start their first job. I wish they were entering job market equipped a bit better.

Samad Aidane (

My New Year resolution, related to project management, is to enroll in and complete a meditation class. I want to learn how to use meditation to manage stress better. I have a major project coming up next year and I need all the help I can get.

Sreejith Kesavan

I could not implement or complete many of previous year’s resolutions – mainly related to acquiring some more academic qualifications and formal learning. However professionally it was a “happening” year with some interesting projects.

I don’t really have any bad habits to quit. How ever I am looking forward to upgrade my skills in management and technical aspects.

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Raj Menon said...

Soma - a very good 2009 round up indeed. An excellent 2 part post. Knowing more about our fellow bloggers, what motivates them, their opinions, their plan for... is very interesting and inspiring.

I wish you all the best in 2010 and hope you continue writing. A day will come when will become a single stop blog for new PMs-to-be to learn and tone their skills.

SIPM said...

@ Raj- You are very kind, thank you for the wonderful comment. It made my day!