Plan for 2010

Jan 8, 2010 |
Dear Newbie’s,

This year I am bringing in a lot of new goodies to the blog!

The regular postings continue twice a week with Expert Interviews happening every month. We talk to Project Managers, Human Resource experts, Marketing Gurus and almost anyone who has been there and done that transition- from being a newbie to the expert. We also talk about what newbie’s should do to be noticed and taken seriously other than running errands and doing photocopies.

We are starting the Coffee Break Series because newbie’s -let’s face it don’t have the luxury of an hour long lunch. This will be a 2-4 minute of audio, video, postings that center around discussion and issues that all newbie’s face and how to get through them. So, while you munch down on your sandwich and coffee and run to your next meeting trying to get into a project where you happily volunteer your lunch time- this is it- a 2 minute Coffee Break moment that will help take you to the next level. Listen to it while you doze off on the couch after a long day or first thing in the morning when you know it’s going to be difficult.

You are still here because you are not the quitter; your brother once said you were. You know what you want and will not give up till you get it. So, this year is for all your dreams, the dreams you believed in when no one else did!

With best wishes,


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Josh said...

Looking forward to great stuff from you in 2010 Soma!

Josh Nankivel

Unknown said...


I although I am no longer a newbie PM, I look forward to all this exciting content. There is always something new we can learn from each other, no matter how many years of experience we have, if we keep our minds open. I can’t wait!!!

Thank you for your hard work making all this content available to all.

Samad Aidane