Do more even when you don’t have enough time

Feb 8, 2010 | |
If you are spending too much time in office or commute has doubled up, you can always find time to do what you have to do.

Whether it’s about keeping your PDU or keeping up with the new developments happening every day, here are some time savers:

•Use outlook for your personal email as well. Saves you time by easy search and the ability to filter, create sub folders and use the calendar
•Carry pen and paper always in your bag, don’t waste time trying to think of that idea you had when you were in the bus.
•Delegate if possible- if you think you have too much on your hand take an intern/ volunteer anyone who is getting ready to land into the job market. They get the experience working with you and you save some time. Now you can watch your favorite show on TV or go to the gym. Best part, it’s good for your conscience because you are helping someone else at the same time.
•Try to get more done at the same time- instead of running for errands, try to organize things so you can do as much as you can while you are outside. Like you can club your gym, grocery and meeting a friend for coffee all the same time after work.
•Keep back ups, so you are sweating over lost data. Export data from outlook, your contact management, phone- everything.
•Say No to commitments you can’t keep. A simple no will save you more time.
•Focus on the combination of short time deadlines with priority. Tackle them in order.
•Instead of trying to do 5 things at the same time, try 2. Like running on the treadmill and thinking of your next blog post. This slows nothing most likely.
•Ask- instead of trying to find everything by yourself, save time by asking someone who might know or read a book which talks about it. Why waste your own time, when someone else has already taken the time to find the solution. Build on that.
•Use technology for you and not against you. Learn using CDs, podcast while you drive, commute. Don’t wait to come back home and then read.
•Do it in bursts, if you don’t have an hour long.
•Stay calm- sounds funny but stress is a time killer. Try whatever works-meditation, running, reading etc.