New Graduates/newbies- news ways to find jobs

Feb 22, 2010 | |
I somehow get in touch with new graduates all the time- all looking for jobs.

Yep and it is hard in this economy to get one. However, I have always thought there are also new ways to find one at the same time.

I've always tried to help my friends or sometimes even strangers and the fact that I run for blog for newbies I should probably know something about it.

Infact, I have a volunteer since last month- I read Tim Ferris'- 4 hour work week and read all about delegating work to free up some of your time and I thought why not? I can try it out but instead of hiring people or outsourcing the work- I told my friends that I was looking for some help. By next day I had a handful of resumes in my inbox.

I narrowed it down to a potential marketing PhD candidate for next year and we both learn something out of it by working together. She volunteers 10 hours/week with me (remotely done, she is from Oklahoma) and she learns what it took me 3 years to figure out. She is gaining some experience hopefully while I look forward to get some fresh ideas from her.

So, for all of you who are looking to find a job, watch the video and get going. You can still get the experience you want to include in your resumes and yes- plan for it ahead of time.

The best thing that can happen with technology and social media is connecting and approaching these people is not difficult- you have open access to them and you can stay in one continent and volunteer for something in another.


Josh said...

This is excellent Soma, and the video discussion articulated the concept well.

This can extend to organizations as well. When I was getting into the formal discipline of project management I volunteered for an organization by coming up with a draft plan of the project I would do for them.

As they discuss in the video, it's difficult to deny a request like this when someone has already come up with a draft plan that will benefit the organization and is volunteering to carry it out.

It could be a PM organization or a non-profit of any kind. Maybe it's a small PM consulting firm and you have an idea about how to help them.

Great stuff Soma!

Josh Nankivel

SIPM said...

@ josh- I agree, the concept is amazing and can help all kinds of people, not only freshers out of school....thank you for the comment.

Unknown said...

Absolutely..and working so closely we can exactly see how this is shaping up every day ;)

Raghu Kulkarni said...

It in indeed a great initiative & way to share knowledge and there is a lesson or 2 for everyone in any field. As mentioned by Soma, with the availability of technology, all one needs is the passion & interest to share & learn. Hope I can pick a leaf from this.