Recording the Coffee Break Series.

Feb 26, 2010 |
Who said it would be easy?

Really, I do weired things in the blog to push myself a little more. So, I announced the Coffee Break Series and its time to post one. Now, am struggling trying out various softwares where I can upload audio files only, so I don't have to get dressed at 11.47pm to record the video.

Didn't work, one problem after the other. So, I give myself sometime and will try it out on the weekend.

Meanwhile, while I try to work out my own promise- have a good weekend everyone!


Raj Menon said...

Exciting. Can't wait for the 1st one... unlike you, I have been really backed up on my blogging in 2010. Glad you are moving on with your goals.

SIPM said...

@Raj- I do it over the weekend. Honestly- it's hard doing it consistently. But thats what we try to show that proper planning will usually get you through :) Good luck with yours too...