Google Voice- why you should use it? Pt 1

Feb 19, 2010 | |
It saves you time.

It’s cool.

You can use it for strangers without having to give your real phone number.

It’s a winner and I like it more than I like Google Buzz. I personally don’t like dialing in to listen to my voicemails, I’d rather read texts or emails. If the phone call was really important I’d take it anyways. Since, it wasn’t or you called me at the wrong time I let it go to my voicemail.

Google Voice will transcribe the voicemail for you and send it as text to your phone and email (Gmail id you use to subscribe to it). I love it- since I can play back the message if I want to or just read the text.

It’s available only in US (at least for now).

The error in transcription obviously happens if the language used is not English.

There are 2 ways you can use Google Voice - one with your existing number (the one I use) and the other with a new number. It’s available by invite only and that’s why they are so many people who are unaware that it has launched. The first time I read about it, I requested an invite over twitter. I got it through a connection and friend of mine over LinkedIn because my twitter is connected to LinkedIn- so anything I tweets is my status update for LinkedIn. I almost forgot about it till I got the invite!

To know more about Google Voice, click

To request an invite
here , unless you already have the invite through a friend.

To read, how Google Voice helps you as a PM or a blogger, come back next week!

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Andy Stitt said...

I received a Google Voice invite some time ago and set up my phone number for it but haven't used it yet. It really is a great looking tool, and I'm doing some freelance design work on the side, so I'll probably use it as my business number. Thank you for reminding me that it exists!