Beyond the Boys Club- Book Review

I came across this book review here and decided that I should read the book- so I bought it.

It had a waiting period of 10-15 days to import the book from US and then deliver- it was worth the wait and every single bit of the money!

This 292 pages book is a must read if you are a woman working in an organization which has a considerable percentage of men involved.

It lets you in to the secrets and science of being noticed, taking on more responsibility and being promoted. Suzanne Doyle Morris, the author interviews professionals and talks about steps taken by them to be noticed and be considered as part of the all male teams.

With this book you will actually learn and it’s a keeper .

Throughout the 14 chapters of the book she helps women see themselves in ways we have never thought about- the way women are perceived by men, how the body language, smaller things in workplace affect your image. She educates on things to change, things to act on, to do on what will make a favourable impression where you have a sponsor and an advocate for you.

It’s an amazing book and the one book which I think that will change your life and will be used over and over again.

Who should read this Book?
  • Women Starting Out- Why wait, when you can read this book and be aware from the beginning on how to manoeuvre your way through professional success.  
  • Women In the Profession- Ever felt being sidetracked when you are spending 14 hours a day head down working and producing incredible results? Not getting the right project, the right promotion, the raise? This book is for you.
  • No matter what I do; it never works out (for women)- The book reveals perceptions that are working against us ad how we can change them. The do’s and the don’ts of survival and making an impact.
  • Men in the Profession- Not all actions are deliberate, this book will allow you to see the point of view of women working with you. An in-depth study, this might be the one book that allows you or your team to understand and create ways to encourage and promote women in your team.
Why should you read this book?
  • If you have been frustrated by your career track and umpteen hours at your desk hasn’t produced any favorable results.
  • Has goals to grow and wants to know how to work the system.
  • If you are a women and a minority in your organization, this is a must read. Even if you have never felt out of th loop and get along well and are happy with your job, this might be life changing for you.
What’s the price and where can I find it?
Who is the author?
You can find all about the author here and this is her Linkedin profile.

If you want a short video to see her talk about the book click here

You can also watch her interview in the video below:

To read her interview about her new book Female Breadwinners here 


Elizabeth said...

I loved this book as well!

SIPM said...

@Elizabeth- Thank you for mentioning the book, it completely changed my world!