PMOT March

Mar 15, 2012 |

#PMOT  updates for March:

The PMO Leader of the Year Award – This will be presented to the PMO Leader, nominated by their PMO team, who shows the most excellent leadership and understanding of what a PMO can deliver to a business.

Timescales All entries should be received by Gower by 31st March 2012. The shortlist for the ‘PMO Leader of the Year (2012)’ will be announced on 31st May 2012. The winner of ‘PMO Leader of the Year (2012)’ will be announced on 29th June 2012.

Please send your entries by post or email to: Melisa Young, Gower Publishing, Wey Court East, Union Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PT, UK
E-mail: Telephone: +44(0)1252 736600

How to enter If you would like to nominate your PMO leader as PMO Leader of the Year, then please write in no more than a total of 1,000 words:

Why you think he or she deserves this award and how they fulfill the judging criteria we have identified above.

Please make sure that you seek the approval of the PMO leader before submitting his or her name.

Include the following information with your entry:

1.Your contact details: name, role, organization, address, telephone and e-mail, along with the contact details for your PMO leader;
2.An indication of the size of your PMO (number of full time or part time members); the date it was set up as well as for how long your chosen nominee has been leading the PMO.
3.You may, if you wish, include endorsements or comments from members of of the PMO or others inside (or outside) the organization, who have worked with your PMO and its leader.

A panel of independent judges will review all submissions to consider how each nominee has led their PMO over at least the last 12 months and how they plan to grow the PMO under their stewardship in the coming months. The judges will look at the key PMO leadership skills in the areas of:

•Flexibility- How effectively does your PMO leader respond to the changing needs of the projects, your PMO and your organization? How does he or she manage the balance between the requirements of project processes and the people delivering those processes?
•Resilience- How effective is your PMO leader as a negotiator? How well does he or she negotiate changes to how things are done whilst maintaining the core objectives of the PMO? How well does he or she enable the PMO to respond to unexpected requests for resources or support?
•Setting Example- How successful is your PMO leader is an example to everyone within the PMO and the project organization? How well does he or she express or demonstrate the standards of the PMO and champion these in the face of misunderstanding, conflicting interests or politics. How good an example is your PMO leader as an agent of change?
•Professionalism- How professional is your PMO leader is his or her approach to their work. How does the PMO leader demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and understanding of, for example, the commercial needs and constraints of the business or the technical aspects of project and programme management? What commitment does the PMO leader demonstrate to developing skills and a capability for themselves, the PMO members and the wider organization?
•Support- How well does your PMO leader communicate with everyone within the PMO; to establish and articulate needs; support the team or individuals within at times of pressure or conflict?

Congratulations to Educocity (Interviewed the co-founder last month)- It has been shortlisted for the prestigious Social New Venture Challenge 2012 by University of Chicago Booth School of Business!