Book Review- Project Management in Real World (E Harrin)

Published by BCS, this 203 paged book is a perfect read by newbies as well as project managers.

Divided into 5 sections and including topics like “Managing Budgets” to “Managing Yourself”, the book encompasses every topic that a project manager has to handle on a regular basis to fulfil their role as a project manager.

Sprinkled all over with real life examples, the author drives home every single point with graphics, illustrations, simple narrative without many of the tongue twisting jargons. Heady and compact with information this is not a one day reading. You will find yourself bookmarking the pages for reference later.

Every chapter begins with the definition, an example followed with Golden Rules and Hint for easy reading and reference. The example doesn’t necessarily always stick to IT, it goes back and forth in all domains from media to wedding planning to offshore projects and ways to provide incentives to your team.

This book is a fantastic read for everyone who wants to attempt their hands in project management or is in the domain ( to get a different perspective). In fact the book starts with a Glossary and is a great way to learn concepts and the reality of project management if you have seen projects happening from the outer circle or is planning certifications for the near future.

Who should read this Book?
  • Newbies- Anyone interested in project management, this is a perfect read to step into the realities of project management. Book offers a detailed narrative on what happens in your dream job role.
  • Project Management Students- Great examples that you can relate to the theories or the PMBOK chapters. The book displays how the formulas, theories and expertise keep the projects running in reality.
  • Just Promoted New Managers-Great read to know how to manage teams, find solutions to complex problems and accounting, how much risk to take, how to get your team together.
  • Ambitious Professionals- Anyone from any domain and position (job title) looking forward to impress your bosses and finding ways to make yourself stand apart and get more responsibility.

Why should you read this book?
  • Real life examples those are easier to relate to than theories in the PMBOK.
  • Examples from all domains, so everyone can relate to it and find ways how you can use project management in your everyday job or your field. You don’t have to be in IT to implement project management techniques.  You also don’t need to know all chapters of the PMBOK to understand this, however if you have read the PMBOK this book might turn to be  a great guide to see how all those theories really are implemented in reality.  
  • Expert comments on their insights and mistakes and how they handled it.
  • From Peer Reviews to finding a mentor; the author covers it all. It’s a one stop guide/book for all project managers.

What’s the price and where can I find it?
$41.99 at Amazon US
21.05 (pounds) in Amazon UK
325(INR) in India

Who is the author?
The author is Elizabeth Harrin, who runs the award winning blog A girls Guide to Project Management  and is currently the Head of IT Program Delivery and author of 2 books- Social Media for project Managers and Project Management in the Real World. She is also the director of Otobos Group which provides writing services to the business. You can also find her at this twitter handle @pm4girls  

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Mads Singers said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm a book'oholic and loves great management books ;)