SIPM Monthly Newsletter

Aug 4, 2012 | |

The SIPM monthly newsletter is on it’s way and to subscribe all you have to do is sign in (see to your right).

I used to maintain the Feedburner delivery of my posts and after a lot of contemplation if I should still keep it running, I decided to let it be.

If you are one of the subscribers, feel free to let me know if you would still like the service to continue or add yourself to the monthly newsletter list. You can email me directly or find me in twitter.

I’ll leave it to you.

The monthly newsletter is a way to connect to you and give out more on insider information on getting closer to your goal of becoming a Project Manager. The newsletter is the additional information that doesn’t find it’s way into the blogposts. It will answer your queries that I often get, insider knowledge of what’s coming up on SIPM next and true to it’s audience a way to tell the realities of being in the profession.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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